Cantina Alchemica

For all the creators at Cantina Alchemica (namely Giorgio Mercandelli, Sonia Doria, Oreste Sorgente, Luigi Cagnoni, Marco Merighi) wine is not a “product” that reflects the taste of grape variety, territory and fashions, but a “substance” that reflects the life of the vineyard, free of any chemical, biological or biodynamic product influencing its luminous path.

Our wines are universal substances, because consistent with all the forces that created and transformed mankind in the same way they created and transformed the fruit, every season, from the vineyard to the bottle.

Orocoro Bianco

The result of a creative exercise that develops the meaning of life understood as the light of a consciousness that is realized in the world, where the fruit is a form of its existence and the wine is the taste of its experience.

A revolutionary wine, consistent with the meaning of a liquid art that also reflects the life of its creator, because it comes from his/her direct and exclusive relationship with nature (like that of a painter, a sculptor, a musician …), from the vineyard all the way to the bottle.

Orocoro Rosso

A condition that distinguishes the figure of the producer from that of the craftsman where the former is realized to “express himself in taste” while the latter lives for “the pleasure of expressing himself”.

For us, wine is therefore the means that develops the value of our own existence, with the taste of an experience that reflects the universal meaning of life in the world, where there is no variety or territory better than any other because there is no injustice in the harmony of nature.