About me

I believe

I believe that every human being is capable of sketching their own path in life, joyfully performing artistic deeds independent of predetermined procedures, making each day truly unique.

In the balanced harmony established between flora and fauna, vines and vintner, and grapes and winemaker, I nourish the inner strength to produce a wine independent of the fluctuating fashion trends, and most importantly capable of offering itself as a means to materialize the personality of both producer and grapes.

Quality of life

My desire for the harmony of the vineyard is not to be contaminated by my defects, and therefore I let the vineyard free to express itself to the best of its ability, in complete spontaneity.

To me, bringing the life of the vineyard into a bottle, means to get to the essence of nature, where what counts is the quality of the life that the fruit has lived.

Oreste 'Rusty' Sorgente

Essence of Nature

Thanks to my wines I realize the personal desire to tap into the essence of nature, acting independently of any predetermined wine-making tracks, boundaries, and procedures, thus freely expressing my personality in harmony with an innate drive to fulfill the joy of living.

As a vintner/winemaker I carve the personal appeal of each wine whereby grape varietals, viticulture region, and production techniques do not determine the character of the final product.

Through the simplicity of alchemic wine-making, I invite the consumer to an introspection aimed at stimulating all human physical senses in a simple yet powerful ensemble with the impalpable sphere of thoughts, emotions, memories and feelings. In such wines I seek to resurface the scent of memories and the taste of emotions that contributed to the evolution of the fruit on the plant, and the harmonious interaction with the winemaker in the cellar.

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