Alchemic winemaker to inspire and motivate (others as well as myself) through spontaneous and regenerative agricultural practices and pure transformation of the grapes in the cellar.

I craft wine as a means of inspiration and to artistically express myself, tapping into the essence of nature, to seekĀ oneness, as I believe that what we perceive or measure of reality is only a small fraction of the whole.

Oreste ‘Rusty’ Sorgente

Artistic wine-making to me is the opportunity to openly express myself, free of any chemical/physical/biological interaction that might alter the delicate harmony sought and established with the grapes in the field, and with the wine in the cellar.

I envision a world in which all people have access to healthy, sustainable, affordable food, and live aware and motivated

In the balanced equilibrium between vintner and vines first, and between winemaker and grapes later, lies the force to produce a wine independent of the fluctuating marketing trends, and capable of becoming the means for producers and grapes to freely and artistically express themselves.