In wine-making, “natural” is not a perfect descriptor but one that is widely used by producers and enthusiasts alike to describe pours that are not manipulated by enologists/chemists and avoid the use of additives -though allowed by local Laws.

In conventional wine-making, additives can include elements as simple as water or sugar, or albumen (derived from eggs) or mechanical filters to clarify wine. But there are also dozens of products approved for use that consumers may never have heard of (like anti-foaming agents and synthetic stabilizers) to control or aid the process. The average wine drinker does not know when or how these additives are being used. The issue is the lack of transparency in labeling.

We at Bel Sit chose to produce natural wine. We strive to educate consumers and push local authorities to improve labeling and disclose all ingredients used to make wine, so buyers can make educated decisions about what to drink.