This time of the year we feel obliged to run a brief retrospective analysis of the year we just left behind. For us at Bel Sit, the year 2015 was dense of very interesting events:

  • 3 new labels were added to the Bel Sit selection: the new wines pave the way for a natural wine-making process void of any chemicals added, not even sulfites.
    Bergius 2013
    Foglia Nera 2014
    Exordium 2014
  • Public presentation of Bergius at the architecture Studio Solaria in Milan. Bergius is made in 2 flavors: the straight version, and an oak-aged version
  • Public presentation of Sangue degli Altri Undici by the Enea pastry shop in Opera, near Milan. Our sweet red wine pairs divinely with fresh pastries (and more!)
  • Our natural wines attended the Expo 2015 universal exposition in Milan for the entire 6 months of the fair, and are now available for tasting and sale at the Love It stores
  • Our natural wines attended the Palio in Mortara, a local celebration dating back centuries in history
  • We traveled to Edinburgh, Scotland, to showcase our natural selection to local wine stores, in particular Growler Beers UK, with whom we are now in the process to export
  • We started supplying local restaurants and other businesses in 3 Italian regions
  • Our wines are available for sale online for delivery at home (in Italy only; in the UK, Growler Beers UK delivers for us)
  • Many private dinners/presentations

Without a doubt, the year 2015 was a very challenging and hectic, yet very rewarding year.

A sincere Thank You to all who supported us during this past 2015!