We at Bel Sit believe that wine (natural wine) should be what it once was: the fermented juice of grapes, with nothing else added or removed. Even if it tastes different from what we’re now used to, because we’ve been very formatted in terms of what wine should taste like. Sulphites, for example, long used to cleanse barrels, have been widely added directly to wine (as an antioxidant, and to eliminate wild yeasts, bacteria and microbes) allowing producers to precisely control the style and flavor of their wines, along with up to 70 groups of products, ranging from eggs and milk through lab-bred yeasts, powdered tannins, phosphates and peroxides to animal derivatives such as casein and trypsin (an extract from the pancreas of pigs or cows).

Similarly, in the vineyard, we avoid using a full array of pesticides, herbicides and anti-fungals because we want our grapes to grow in an environment booming with biodiversity, as opposed to most industrial-prone vineyards having less biodiversity than an average desert.

Uniformity, reliability, and commercial imperatives do not drive our wine-making process. Wine is a product of nature, and as such it should be made naturally.