Above and beyond the world-renowned Italian wine grapes Barbera, Sangiovese, Pinot Grigio, Nebbiolo, there are literally hundreds of different grape varietals in Italy, some of which are well-known to the broad public, while others are so peculiar to a particular region that only a few miles away most people ignore they even exist.

The remarkably diverse geography of Italy dictated that for centuries travel from one region to another was difficult or nearly impossible. This clearly led to the rise of the city-states in the 15th century and worked against complete national unification until 1861. Today, the roughly 4-hour drive between Piedmont to Tuscany for instance, takes drivers over 100 bridges and through 100 tunnels. Before the tunnels and bridges arrived, “nearby” cities were really far apart, and so where the grapes that eventually diversified their peculiarities over the centuries.

The goal of Bel Sit is to allow adventurous travelers to visit the vast Italian countryside and discover grapes and wines they had never heard of. Bel Sit produces and selects Italian wines made by fellow family-owned wineries and artisan wine makers with just 1 ingredient: healthy local grapes.