What is carbon footprint and why is it important to reduce it?

We at Bel Sit are committed to reducing our carbon footprint: in the vineyard, in the winery, and overall as a business.

In order to constantly lower our farm’s carbon footprint, we stop performing soil tillage the year after the new vines are planted; whenever possible, we attach 2 tools to the tractor (one in the front, one in the rear) thus performing 2 operations at once, and hence cutting in half the time spent on the tractor -and its CO2 emissions; we perform fewer treatments with more eco-friendly, more effective products, thus further reducing the tractor-time required.

All performed operations are aimed at a sustainable wine making process, so as to have the least negative impact possible on the land, people and other forms of native life (the local flora and fauna). As an added note (set aside the expense and time involved in the certification process), the sustainable wines produced are really made from grapes grown on an organic agriculture methodology.

Once our wines are ready to be bottled, we strive to source supplies and packaging from certified eco-friendly industries to select light bottles, print labels and wine cards, and to manufacture cardboard boxes. Last but not least, we’ve been among the early adopters of the Nomacorc enclosures: the first cork certified “carbon neutral”.

Help us to further reduce our carbon footprint!