Thanks to an interesting initiative of the Italo-Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce, the Bel Sit wines are now part of the “Made in Italy – Wine Catalog” that are divulged to local wine distributors and retailers, and all interested participants of the following fairs in the Baltic region:

  • Vyno dienos, Vilnius
  • Riga Food, Rig
  • Tallinn Food Fair, Tallin
  • BAF (Food & Beverage), Vilnius
  • and following food & wine fairs…

As it is known, the Baltic region is well advanced in terms of internet connectivity (second fastest network in the world!), information technology skills (85% of the population is accustomed to using personal computers), and familiar with foreign languages (72% of the population speaks English), the “Made in Italy – Wine Catalog” is published online and available in English only.
Please browse the flipbook published on the Chamber of Commerce’s website.

See you at the Baltic food & wine fairs!