Bel Sit‘s wines attended the international Expo 2015 Milano in Milan, Italy for the entire period of the exhibition.

The exhibit gave a unique chance to meet and confront thoughts with curious eno-tourists from all over the world, but especially with operators of the food and beverage sector from the 145 nations hosting a dedicated exposition at Expo 2015.

For us founders at Bel Sit, attending the international exposition Expo 2015 was a great opportunity to promote a line of products that sway away from the narrow-minded market rules that tend to standardize everything, wine included. Bel Sit strives to introduce curious consumers to natural wines, produced with sustainable agriculture methodology, and most importantly healthy for us consumers.

The demand for artisan, authentic, and healthy wines is on the rise both in Italy and abroad: bringing our selection of wines to Expo 2015 was our chance to invite eno-curious customers to learn and discover this expanding movement.

Hope you had a chance to stop by and meet us at Expo 2015 Milan!